Munnar | The Kashmir of South India

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The Kashmir of South India – Munnar is a hill station located in Kerala, South India situated at around 1600 meters above sea level in the mountain range of “Western Ghats”. Munnar is a popular honeymoon destination because of the scenic views that make your mind and body relax. Munnar means “three rivers” referencing its […]

Thekkady amazing Tourist Paradise

Thekkady amazing tourist paradise

Thekkady amazing Tourist Paradise is a beautiful town in the state of Kerala, India with Lush green, semi-green, moist deciduous forests or savanna grasslands. If you are a tourist who loves nature and wants to remain close to it, must-visit Thekkady, In short, it is heaven for tourists. Thekkady provides you with lots of awe-struck […]

Alleppey Venice of the East

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Alleppey Venice of the East a small city located on the Lacaditive sea famous for its canal system, boat cruises, beaches, paddy fields and lagoons, Alleppey or Alappuzha. However, the city ranks 3rd in the literacy rate of Kerala. The name of this place refers to its association with rivers and canals. Because of this […]

Lakshadweep Island Hunting


Lakshadweep Island Hunting Lakshadweep Island Hunting is a collection of islands located in the Lakshadweep Sea, situated 200 – 440 km off the southwestern coastline of India. Governed as a Union Territory and district of India, they were previously known as the Laccadive Islands. However, geographically, this name applies specifically to the central subgroup of […]

Red Fort | Cheap Fares To Delhi From Usa

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Cheap Fares to Delhi from USA Delhi, the capital of India, stands as the primary arrival point for overseas tourists due to its wealth of tourist attractions. It boasts a rich historical legacy and is considered one of the most historic capitals in the world. If you’re planning a trip, look no further—we offer cheap […]

Nainital | Beautiful Lake of the Eye

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Traveling provides you with blissfulness, peace of mind, and rejuvenates your body, soul, and mind. When you have the opportunity to visit a place that offers breathtaking scenic beauty and refreshes your spirit, it’s a must-visit. One of the most enchanting and eye-opening destinations in India is Nainital. Nainital, often referred to as the Lake […]

Best Darjeeling and Sikkim Tourist Places

Best Darjeeling and Sikkim Tourist Places

Explore the Best Darjeeling and Sikkim Tourist Places: Although Darjeeling and Sikkim are separate states, their close proximity often leads visitors to explore them together. The well-connected road routes between these two destinations make it convenient for travelers to experience the unique beauty of both places. Darjeeling and Sikkim are prime tourist destinations renowned for […]

Famous places to visit in Pondicherry

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Plan your Pondicherry getaway with Skyline Travel Agent! Pondicherry, a city located within the Pondicherry district and surrounded by the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is a destination filled with famous places to visit. It stands as one of India’s most populous union territories, boasting a population of 1.394 million as of 2011. The common […]

Shimla | Queen Of Hills In India

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Shimla, often referred to as the Queen of Hills in India, boasts not just beauty, but an astonishingly breathtaking scenic charm and tranquil landscapes. Nestled amidst the boundless beauty, Shimla Valley is cocooned by hills cloaked in dense forests and snow, with occasional glimpses of wildlife grazing in the woods. Shimla captivates you with its […]

Best 10 Trekking Destinations in India

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Trekking offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of India. India boasts some of the best trekking destinations that promise unforgettable experiences. Each trek in India has a unique history and is brimming with adventure and surprises, making it an ideal choice for trekkers. India presents a […]