The Kashmir of South India – Munnar is a hill station located in Kerala, South India situated at around 1600 meters above sea level in the mountain range of “Western Ghats”. Munnar is a popular honeymoon destination because of the scenic views that make your mind and body relax. Munnar means “three rivers” referencing its location to Mudhirapuza, Nallathanni, and Kundali Rivers.

Munnar tour is a must if you are a traveler in search of beautiful scenic views. Munar is famous for its tea plantations and its climate. Munar is called as the Kashmir of south India due to its climate.

Location and How to Reach

Situated on the Kannan Devan hills village covering an area of 557 sq km. Munnar tour is quite easy as the place is well connected by the national highways, rural roads, and state highways as well. However, there are some nearest railway stations like Ernakulam, Aluva, and Udumalaipettai. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport. A traveler with a vision of exploring the beauty of South India will prefer a railway service, while you can use an airport service as well as it is more comfortable.

Best Time to Visit Munnar

Travelers and tourists visit here to see the lush green carpets all around the land. The average temperature of Munnar in winter ranges from about 5°C to 25°C and in summers it remains between 15°C to 25°C. Munnar tour is also preferable because of its relatively cold climate. Winters are always a priority for tourists and it’s the same case with Munnar. Enjoy the activities like trekking and rock climbing in winter, but don’t forget to take woolen clothes along with you. Munar tour is ideal all year because of its climate and you can visit in summer as well as the tea plantations are on their peak. However, it is generally not preferred to visit Munnar in monsoons, but if you want a quiet tour without the crowds of tourists. Opt for monsoons.

Things to do In Munnar | The Kashmir of South India

We are sure that you will not regret your decision of visiting Munnar as the place is loaded with natural beauties including the exotic flora and fauna. There is much to do in Munnar and make sure that your Munnar tour is memorable.

  • Kolukkumalai


It’s one of the highest tea plantations in the world and the refreshing aroma of the golden-brown beverage will relax your nerves. The zigzag road along the Kolukkumalai hills is jaw-droppingly providing you with a little adventure in your Munnar tour. The old tea factory will teach you some of the old traditional methods of tea production. The plantation of flavored tea leaves is the specialty of this place.

  • Echo Point and Top Station


Echo point is an interesting tourist point and is bliss for any traveler who loves trekking. Trekking till high points like echo point and top station is an adventurous thing to do as a traveler. Top Station offers you a full view of the town. What else can you ask for? A little bit of adventure with a treat of natural echo and scenic view.

  • Eravikulam National Park


If you have a daring heart then visit this national park to spot some of the endangered species. The National park is famous for Nilgiri langur and Tahr, Atlas moth, elephants, lion-tailed macaque, and many other animals but you can explore the thick and dense forests with some rare plants here as well. This park is going to fascinate you with an exciting combo of flora and fauna of Kerala. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site and stands out for its beauty.

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


Another tourist spot where you can sight some endangered species like a grizzled giant squirrel is Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary. However, the place is also the habitat for elephants, deer, and leopards. It’s one of the beautiful biosphere reserves you will visit during your Munnar tour.

  • Photo point


Will give you beautiful picturesque locations but to your surprise, there is a specific point for it. In the backdrop, there are beautiful tea plantations while the site is situated in the low rolling slopes and the plains of Nilgiris. It is a perfect place to stop by and enjoy the charms of vegetation, hills, and the silver oaks. The lake nearby makes it more beautiful.

  • Pottamedu Viewpoint


The place gives a breathtaking view, just like the name suggests. The stretching hills, lush green mountains, and the spectacular views of tea, coffee, cardamom plantations, and the amazing sunrises and sunsets is everything you want to view on your Munnar tour. You can even spot the Arch Dam from this point in the daylight.

  • Waterfalls


You can visit a wide range of waterfalls during your Munnar tour. Lakkam waterfalls allow you to swim in privacy as it’s a small lake. While Cheeyaparra waterfalls serve as a major tourist attraction because of seven tiers of stones and beautiful surroundings. Dip your toes in it and experience the gushing water. ValaraFalls, Pallivasal Falls, Nyaymakad Falls, Kuthumkal Falls are other popular attractions that will mesmerize your soul to the core. You will feel relaxed and the feeling of calmness is irreplaceable. Munnar tour can’t be completed if you didn’t visit any of these.

  • Treehouses


Offers you a lot of things to do and staying in the treehouse is an exciting one. It will surely be going the most memorable and exotic experiences of your life. Living around the lush green forests with the scents of spices and tea is a unique thing to do apart from all the other activities and adventures in Munnar.

  • Mountain biking


Mountain biking is surely an exciting and adventurous thing to do on your Munnar tour. The thrilling activity can be done in picturesque locations like Vandanmedu, Anamudi Shola, Suryanelli, Kundala, and Marayoor. Wander these beautiful places on a bike and explore these places with a unique experience of mountain biking.

  • Spa and Massages


Taking a spa and massage in the hills, undoubtedly the best way to relax and if these massages are Ayurveda massage, it’s a treat. Ayurveda massages are common in Kerala and ensure that you take one during your Munnar tour as well.

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