Skyline Travel Agent presents tour packages for Kashmir, a land known for its hauntingly beautiful and pristine landscapes. Nestled amidst the snow-capped Himalayan mountains in the northernmost part of India, Kashmir is a captivating destination. Here, chinar trees, serene lakes, fast-flowing freshwater streams, cool breezes, and charming villages create lasting impressions on every traveler’s mind. Kashmir is rightly hailed as paradise on Earth and stands as an all-time favorite destination for tourists. One of the most awe-inspiring moments in Kashmir is witnessing the sunrise, turning the silver lakes into golden wonders. During autumn, the valley transforms into a vivid canvas of yellow and red, courtesy of the chinar trees. Kashmir’s allure is simply breathtaking, capable of mesmerizing even the most discerning travelers. Explore this enchanting destination with the expertise of Indian Tour company in the USA, benefiting from the convenience of Non-stop flights from USA to India and the guidance of Indian Travel Agent in New York.

What makes Kashmir a true paradise beauty on Earth?


Kashmir Beauty

Kashmir is beautiful and well preserved. It is a famous tourist for tourism and always remained an internationally acclaimed tourist place. The Kashmiri saffron, weather, and dry fruits, apples, Kazan, Gulmarg, gondola, and shikara also make it more interesting. It is not to say that Kashmir is a real paradise on Earth due to its serene lakes, coniferous kissed hills, intriguing cuisine, spectacular waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and much more. When you go there, you will feel a sense of ease and peace.

  • Placid Lakes:

Kashmir has beautiful and attractive freshwater lakes. For many lakes in Kashmir, the source of water is from the glaciers from surrounding mountains water. Many artificial lakes are also present in Kashmir, which are covered by the mountains. The freshwater lakes have crystal clear water in it, which looks stunning. While riding on the boat in the lake with your loved ones gives a charming effect and sense of peace.

  • Coniferous kissed hills:

The coniferous trees on the mountain in Kashmir show a beautiful landscape. The evening landscape of the coniferous trees with the snowy mountains in the background and the cloudy sky offers a breathtaking landscape. In the autumn season, the chinar trees make the valley look golden and yellow, which gives magnificent views.

  • Intriguing Cuisine:

Kashmir food is yummy lip-smacking, which is rich in flavors and mouth-watering. It has not only beautiful landscapes but also yummy foods. Kashmir’s most famous cuisine is Kashmiri style mutton ribs, yogurt lamb curry, Dum Haak, Mutton rogan josh, and Kashmiri rajma curry. All the Kashmiri recipes are a mixture of exotic spices having authentic and ancient versions of the food. The signature dish of Srinagar is the rogan josh and the spicy lamb based curry.

  • Spectacular and Scenic Waterfalls:

The waterfalls in Kashmir take advantage of their heights, and all are breathtaking. In Kashmir, the waterfall is spectacular and magnificent waterfalls offer commanding views. The cascade of Kashmir is real hidden gems. The famous waterfalls of Kashmir include Aharbal, Siar Baba temple waterfall, kokernag waterfall, Noori Chamb waterfall, and Baba dhansak waterfall

  • Snow-capped Mountains:

The most beautiful sight to behold is the snow-capped mountains. In Kashmir, the scene looks beautiful of mountains filled with snow and the blue sky. When we take pictures of mountains capped with snow, it looks breathtaking. The white cotton-like snow makes everyone go spellbound. The snowflakes covering the lakes and trees and gardens help people find heaven in Kashmir.

  • Lush green valleys

The lush green valleys of Kashmir induces poetry into you due to its incredible valleys. The Verdant valleys of Kashmir include Suru, Nubra, shyok, Poonch, and many others. The valleys have a certain level of mysticism and echo nature—the Kashmiri valleys surrounded by mountains, coniferous forests, and snow-capped mountains.

  • Pleasant climate:

The moderate climate is present in Kashmir in which it is cold in winter, mild in summer, and cool in spring and autumn. If you plan for Kashmir, the best time to go is the Autumn season if you want to see Kashmir’s paradise beauty. In this season, Kashmir looks vibrant, and the Chinar trees with golden and amber hues.


Best places to visit in Kashmir


  • Gulmarg:


Gulmarg is the best place to visit in Kashmir and ranked first in the list. The Gulmarg is popularly known as the “The meadows of flowers” because of its grassy slopes of the wildflowers. In Gulmarg, there are large varieties of flowers. The famous emperor Jahangir collected the 21 different types of flowers from Gulmarg. It is also renowned among tourists because skiing is also possible. That is why it is called adventurer paradise. If you want to enjoy the snow, the best time to visit Gulmarg is December and January.


  • Leh:

Kashmir Beauty

 Leh is famous for camping and trekking as it is the safest place to visit in Kashmir for the tourist. The favorite places for camping and trekking are Stok kangri, Markha valley, and Tso Moriri. Leh is the place in which every biker loves to ride; it is the Bikers’ dreamland. The bikers’ best time to visit Leh is from April to June and from September to October. All the tracks are closed from November onward due to heavy snowfall in Leh.


  • Srinagar:

Kashmir Beauty


Srinagar is famous for many places in it, including Dal Lake, Mughal gardens, houseboats, and its intriguing cuisine. The signature dish of Srinagar is the rogan josh and the spicy lamb based curry. Everything is present in Srinagar; whether it is boating, trekking, and even water skiing and bike riding, this place has it all. The best time to visits Srinagar is from June to October, and if you want to enjoy the snow, then December and January are a perfect time.


  • Kargil:

It is a small town in the Ladakh region. Kargil has the undaunted beauty as it offers a plethora of options to absorb into its beauty. The Dunkin peaks enhance the beauty of the Kargil. Kargil has natural as well as rich cultural resources. Kargil city viewpoint is a famous point of attraction for tourists. Kargil is the right destination for adventure activities, trekking, mountaineering, and camping.


  • Sonamarg:

Kashmir Beauty

The famous tourist destination sonamarg called the meadow of gold due to its enchanting beauty of flowers and pristine lakes. It has forests of fir, pine, and exotic flora in its vicinity. The trekking routes and the endless flowers attract the tourist towards the Sonamarg. The best time to visit sonamarg is June through October. We can provide best Tour packages for Kashmir according to your budget.


  • Pulwama:

kashmir Beauty

It is famously known as the “Rice bowl of Kashmir” because it produces much rice. It has waterfalls, an orchard of apples, springs, and valleys. Pulwama has the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. It is famous for its high culture and stunning views. Pulwama is the best place for those who love adventures. The best time to visit Pulwama is from April to October.

Best tour packages for Kashmir  :

In a nutshell, if you want to cherish the real beauty of nature, then Kashmir is the paradise on Earth for you; you must visit it. Kashmir hosts an increasing number of tourists each year due to its majestic beauty. Well, the best time to visit Kashmir is during the winter period. So if you want to experience the teeth chattering temperature and the snow, then Kashmir is the best travel destination for you. For best tour packages for Kashmir Visit

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